Rife Frequency Machine  

The Rife machine is the result of the work of an American man, Dr Royal Rife who was the first person to isolate the cancer virus (Cryptocies Primordiales), last century.

The Rife machine is a small compact instrument which pulses micro-currents through cylinders held in the hands, or metal plates placed on the affected part of the body.

Rife frequencies are believed to modify the energy patterns of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, amoebae etc, which have been linked (by Dr Royal Rife) to degeneration in the body.

EnergyWellness frequencies, which are the result of work by dedicated scientists in the years since Dr Rife’s death in 1971, are designed to balance patterns in our energy pathways. These pathways are believed to trigger normal cell functions and regeneration in the body.

The EnergyWellness frequencies are used to stimulate detoxification, nerve and tissue regeneration, cosmetic enhancement, and life extension.

The machine is simple and safe to use, sessions lasting from approximately half an hour to an hour with duration depending on the user’s requirements.

A wide variety of conditions such as headaches, fatigue, arthritic pain, and post-surgical detoxification are addressed.

There are many frequencies to choose from.

Some Common Uses

Balancing disease energy patterns and the body’s own correction process.
Energy balancing and regulation of “chi” energy.
On pets, livestock, and show animals.

We recommend a free 10 minute phone consultation to help you decide if this treatment would be of benefit to you.